headshot2.jpgI’m Sami Davies, and I manage this site. Currently, I live at the center of the universe, “working” as a Math PhD student at the University of Washington. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a BS in Mathematical Sciences in May 2015, then spent a year at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where I received my MS in Mathematical Computer Science. My primary research interests currently lie in the intersection of combinatorics and theoretical computer science. The goal of this blog is to

  • introduce math in a way which is understandable to those who don’t study it.
  • explain what I do as a grad student.
  • present higher level math relevant to my field.

We say an event happens with high probability if the probability of the event happening depends on some number n, and as n tends towards ∞, the probability of the event occurring tends towards 1. with high probability embraces the trustworthiness of mathematical settings, while seeking to understand them better and share them with others.